Adding a SPAM testing account

Adding a SPAM testing account is not mandatory to run a SPAM test in SALESmanago system. You can create one if you for example wish to run a test to your own email account. Find out how can you run a SPAM test from SALESmanago >>

In order to add an account for spam testing your messages, you need to have a mailbox, that will later be connected to SALESmanago by going to

Email Marketing => SPAM Testing Accounts => Add new account tab 


[1] Name – identifies the account in the system. During the test, only the domain of the mailbox will be visible. You can check the full name of the mailbox by hovering the mouse pointer over the domain.

[2] Email – the address of the mailbox used for testing.

[3] Incoming mail protocol – you should verify which protocol is supported by your mailbox. Select IMAP with gmail.

[4] POP3/IMAP host – you should verify the host of your mailbox. Enter: using gmail.

[5] POP3/IMAP user – enter the email address that will be used for testing.

[6] POP3/IMAP password – enter the password for the account that will be used for testing.

[7] POP3/IMAP port – enter the port of the account that will be used for testing. For gmail it is: 993.

[8] Use SSL for incoming mail – select this option, if the account for testing uses the SSL protocol.

[9] Number of messages – set the number of messages in the testing mailbox that the programme will check in order to verify if the message has been correctly delivered.

[10] Save – to confirm the settings, click the SAVE button.


The next step is to enable your email account to receive spam testing messages. In order to activate this option on gmail, go to SETTINGS ->Forwarding and POP/IMAP  -> Status: IMAP and select ‘enable IMAP’.


NOTE: In order to configure the account settings correctly (not the gmail account), you should go to your mailbox settings and find your server settings.

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