Email creation

If you already know who to send your emails to, the next step is to create relevant content that grabs the attention of your subscribers. Check out our tips on email design and see how personalization works to your advantage. 


  1. Create and design
  2. Personalization
  3. Message preview

1. Create and design

One of the factors affecting deliverability is the creation and design of a single message or campaign. When creating a campaign, you should pay attention to the size and weight of the campaign. ISPs control the subject and content of emails to protect their customers and filter out spam and any possible fraud. 

That’s why knowing how to troubleshoot filtering is crucial. To do so, we will point out the most important aspects of email creation that will improve the rating of your emails.

  • Don’t use all capital letters and exclamation points in your email’s body or subject line. 


Check our new offer!

  • Don’t use too many clickbait phrases especially in the subject. 

X This is our super, hot, exclusive offer, you won’t believe what benefits it can give you!

This is our new offer, tailored specifically to your needs.

  • Pay attention to image/ text ratio and don’t use an overwhelming number of images. It is recommended to keep the 60% text and 40% image in email campaigns. 
  • Include a clear unsubscribe link and a physical mailing address in your email footer.
  • Be Careful With URL Shorteners as these can mask a link source and therefore, trigger spam filters. 
    • Use tools that help analyze the subject line to predict if the phrases you used lower or increase the Open Rate of the campaign. 
  • Use Responsive Web Design to make sure all users can view their messages on different devices. 

2. Personalization

Personalization is not only putting the correct name in the subject line but also adjusting the entire email content and email delivery time. Tailoring your email campaign to individual customers’ needs will increase the customer’s engagement.

  • Use the contact’s basic information such as name, email address, or other personal data to show that message is addressed to the right person.
  • Use customer behavior data, such as visited or bought products and modify the content of the email to make sure they will see content relevant to them.
  • Use dynamic content and show product recommendations based on an abandoned shopping cart, or last visited products.
  • Utilize personal data efficiently e.g. by taking advantage of knowing the client’s birthdate, and sending an adequate email.  
  • Use the name and branding in your “from” name. The users are more willing to open the email from a real person rather than a company. 

3. Message preview

Most of the ESPs offer email designers optimized to display the templates in almost every email client and inbox properly. However, there is always a possibility that for some reason email won’t load correctly.

In such cases, a link to preview the message can be useful. Clicking it opens the message directly in a web browser, where display problems are less likely. 

Adding a link to the preview will not negatively affect the appearance of your email, but for some users it may be the only way to properly view the message. 

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