Email Design Studio

The Email Design Studio is a state-of-the-art email designer that allows you to engage your customers and increase conversions while building true intimacy with your audience.

To this day, Email Marketing remains one of the more effective marketing channels that generates very high ROI. Its immense popularity in eCommerce marketing means that it is often hard to cut through the noise made by other marketers and genuinely engage the recipient. That’s why we decided to push the boundary where true customer engagement and intimacy is built.

We all know how to make beautiful emails, but is that enough? The Email Design Studio’s unique and original content enrichment features, enhanced by native integration with the Customer Data Platform, flips the script. In your hands, you have the only tool with capabilities beyond supporting the creation of beautiful emails, enhancing them with dynamic 1:1 product personalization based on Zero- and First-Party Data.

Key features

  • Focus on building value for your customers, and we’ll make sure you’re prepared for any configuration of device, inbox, and email client. Easily create and send your recipients emails that look great every time.
  • Focus on users of the most important channel for emails, which is mobile. Leverage natively built, ready-to-use, intuitive solutions that provide a great experience for users who open messages on smartphones.
  • Allow customers to share their preferences voluntarily. Use a set of widgets to collect Zero-Party Data. Listen to what they have to say to you and deepen the sense of intimacy.
  • Leverage engagement and conversion tools. Enrich your emails with a set of widgets that engage customers deeper with your content, and drive them smoothly to fast buying decisions.
  • Bundle every email you make with brand design and benefit from advanced customization of individual message elements. Create your own brand book for emails to reinforce your message to your audience and increase customer loyalty.

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