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Vendor emails are a type of emails that require special coding, yet those responsible for mailing have a real control over what content is uploaded to messages they plan to send. It is a common practice to combine dynamic and vendor emails – their mechanisms are based on similar coding principles.

Advantages of vendor emails:
– quick and simple editing,
– full control over information contained in the message,
– no need for xml,
– vendor emails can be combined with dynamic emails,
– made-to-measure and specially coded template for sending messages,
– your messages can be personalized by adding attributes.

How vendor emails work?

The idea is to use a specially designed, developed and coded message template to upload to its fields specific data saved in a dedicated file stored on a server. The staff who coordinate mailing can easily replace the content of emails by making modifications to the file. However, users must remember that there are some limitations regarding the template’s look:

– the template, once developed and coded, cannot be edited (visual editing),

– if, for example, the template shows six product fields, the related file must contain full information on six different products. Less information means that some parts of the template will be incomplete.

Developing vendor emails

Vendor emails are developed by SALESmanago team on the basis of arrangements made with the client. The client is responsible for preparing a file with relevant information, as previously arranged, and upload it to the server.

See below for an example of such a file.

Information from this file is uploaded to the message template shown below.


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