Context-sensitive help

Context-sensitive help is a tool that aims at facilitating the usage of the SALESmanago platform. It is a set of all available support aspects collected in one place and hidden under the button in the right bottom corner. You can find there a chat, news section, report problem form, and request for a consultation. Use the inbuilt search engine to find an article on the support website about our features. At the bottom of the section, you can find links to our Marketing Automation blog, support website, and e-learning platform.

After you log into the SALESmanago platform, you can find a context-sensitive help button on the right bottom corner. It appears on the screen each time you go to a random tab on the platform.

Once the context-sensitive help unfolds on the right side of the screen, you can find a photo of a Project Manager that is assigned to you and an email address, so you can quickly contact your PM anytime.

[1] Chat with us – choose the option to talk with a consultant who will help you with solving your problems anytime.

[2] What’s new? – this section displays the headlines of new articles about features in the system on the website. The greatest advantage of the section is that it’s constantly updated, so you can find a lot of information about news and updates on the platform.

[3] Report problem – fill in the report problem form if you want to solve your problem quickly without contacting your Project Manager. When you report a problem, you are given the reference number which will display in the Your tasks tab. This way you can monitor your report, receive notifications about the status of your report and store the history of your reports, so you can come back to them in the future if needed.

[4] Request a consultation – choose the date of the meeting with a consultant and arrange it in a form of a webinar on Skype, go2meeting or via phone. Regardless of the package, you have in SALESmanago, you can arrange a free webinar with a consultant who will explain to you what Marketing Automation is and resolve doubts concerned with the platform.

[5] Search engine – type in a phrase and below you will find the headlines of the articles on the website that contain this phrase.

[6] Blog SALESmanago – you can find articles about the SALESmanago platform but also educational materials about Marketing Automation in general.

[7] Support SALESmanago – you can find posts that will help you in using the platform and all its features.

[8] E-learning platform – the platform offers you a self-taught course about Marketing Automation after which you will receive a certificate.

If you need more information about the topic mentioned above, please contact us: +1 800 960 0640