Email Marketing

Take advantage of the potential hidden in email marketing which as one of not so many channels lets you deliver personalized content in the form of emails and newsletters.

Email marketing is a popular form of marketing that involves creating, building and managing email addresses database, creating emails and feedback management. Email marketing in SALESmanago works effectively thanks to the behavioural contact segmentation on the basis of contacts’ behaviour on the website. The system organizes contacts into groups according to the products and services they take the liking in. Then it automatically delivers the content to specific users at the right time.

Key features

  • Create beautiful & responsive emails without IT using Drag&Drop wizards
  • Choose from hundreds of ready to use templates
  • Personalize content and delivery time for each individual contact
  • Send emails individually at best time to open and click
  • Always reach your customer with the highest IP reputation and deliverability
  • Measure results with advanced analytics
  • Automatically clean your database out of bad email addresses
  • Save time by setting automatic email campaigns & autoresponders


Create single email or cycle of email campaigns, send them to the groups of contacts through additional features in the system. Before sending, you can test emails created by you.

Standard emails – creating, editing, sending, ways of sending emails, testing emails and gallery


Analyse and prepare reports regarding the effects of email campaigns or single emails.

Sent emails analytics – the analysis of clicks in the email, statistics of sent emails


Discover additional possibilities of creating emails and specifying the time and filters.

Advanced actions – management of sent emails, additional ways of creating emails


Find out how to increase the deliverability of your messages and what good practices you can implement in your email marketing strategy.

Email deliverability

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