Automation rule – an example: send an alert when scoring exceeds a value

The purpose of this solution is to automatically send alerts to contact owners in response to high contact activity.


To begin, from the home screen, go to Automation Processes → Automation Rules → Add New Rule. 

An automation rule editor will open.


[1] Settings

[2] A switch for turning the rule on and off.

[3] Save – after you finish editing this rule, save it by clicking this button.

[4] Categories – choose an element you want to add in the Automation Process field – events, conditions, actions. In each category, there can be more than one element.

After you click Settings, a window will appear.


[1] Name the rule.

[2] Assign the rule to a group by choosing from a drop-down list, or [3] add a new group.

[4] Sharing the rule means, that it will be visible on all user accounts and activated for all contacts in the system. This option is selected by default.

[5] The number of times this rule can activate for one contact.

[6] The minimal interval between rule activations for one contact.

Click Save changes to apply settings to the rule. The next step is adding an event.


[1] Click Add events.

[2] Click the green Plus icon. A list will open to the right. Find Contact scoring exceeded.


[1] Click this icon if you want to delete this element.

[2] Click this icon to open event details. 

[3] This icon opens event-condition settings, but because in this example there are no conditions, there is no reason to use it now.


In the Score field, enter the value that will cause an alert to be sent when exceeded. Save changes. Then, add an action.


[1] Click Add actions. The arrow will branch into “If YES” and “If NO” giving you the option to specify actions for different outcomes.

[2] Click the green Plus icon. A list will open to the right. Find Send alert to user and drag it onto the main field.

[3] Proceed to this action’s settings.


[1] Description – enter a short description of this alert.

[2] CC – if you want someone to receive a carbon copy of this alert, enter their email address.

IMPORTANT: In the CC field (carbon copy) do not type email addresses related to the SALESmanago domain. E.g. or

[3] Send alert only to the main owner – if this is selected, owners other than the main one will not receive this alert.

[4] Add an attachment – select this if you want to add an attachment to the alert message.

[5] Attachment text – if you want to add an attachment, type its text here.

[6] Attachment file type – if you want to add an attachment, choose its type from the drop-down list.

Save changes.

Remember to save the rule and turn it on, otherwise, it will not work.

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